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The Secret Ingredient is YOU!

We at Chick-fil-A of Anderson stand behind our vision to Grow Leaders to Change the World. We understand that you cannot spell career without care, and that begins with us caring for you and our community. Join us on the road to becoming the most caring company in the world!

Rylee Brtek

Front of House Team Member

Chick-fil-A of Anderson 

"Chick-fil-A is more than fast food. It is an opportunity to grow as an individual, learning humility and generosity. We foster a welcoming environment for our teammates but also the guest. We have the opportunity to be the best we can be, by being challenged and pushed to achieve excellence. The teammates I work with are family to me and truly have my best interest in mind. Chick-fil-A of Anderson fosters a diverse group of people, always keeping work interesting and fun!"

What can we offer you?

Your talent. Our team. A perfect match!

Leadership Development Program

Available in full-time 

This program is designed for someone who is looking to become a leader in our organization or even become a franchisee! This advanced program will take you through each position in our stores while simultaneously learning good leadership and business skills. 

Front of House Team Member

Someone who loves to serve others with a positive attitude!



-Greeting guest with a smile

-Providing the best service while building an emotional connection

-Demonstrate knowledge of the brand and menu items

-Willingness to learn and be fluid

-Model and support clear communication between team members

-Keep area stocked and cleaned

-Follow sanitation and safety procedures

Available in full-time and part-time

Back of House Team Member

Someone who thrives in a fast-paced working environment with a goal to serve quality food!



-Prepare and cook high quality food

-Work with precision and accuracy

-Follow all food safety and cleanliness procedures

-Follow proper food quality-assurance procedures

-Model and support clear communication with team

-Have a positive attitude

-Lift potentially heavy objects

-Work on feet for several hours

Available in full-time and part-time

Utility and Truck Team Member


-Attention to detail

-Ability to lift 50lbs and climb ladder

-Ability to thrive in an environment with little supervision in a team setting 

-Unloading boxes off the truck

-Roating products using the FIFO method 

-Ensuring all products have been delivered according to an invoice

-Communicating with leaders about inventory and missing items

Available in part-time

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